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Go home with a story!
Explore the monkey falls, visualise the bliss of Aliyar Dam, delight yourself in the handicraft tour, experience the handloom village, not to miss the butterfly park in all its glory. And we are just getting started.

Pradain Surva

Aliyar Dam

Find yourself having a kayak and trek adventure at Coco Lagoon!

Kayak through waves while gazing at the distant mountain ranges. Your exciting day at the resort will start with a briefing from the group captain, who will lead you through the activities. Trek down an exciting trail, set up camps and have a delicious breakfast. As midday approaches, it's time to spend time kayaking, where a hearty meal cooked by local tribes awaits you on the other side. Find yourself relaxing and unwinding, or participating in some of the camp's exciting activities after lunch!

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