Bird Watching

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Anamalais is the unexplored haven of birds that provide you with a peek at one of the best of Indian birdlife. Explore your curiosity about the rich birdlife at these birdling trails that also incorporates certain fun activities to strike the perfect balance between learning and fun. Revel in the rich knowledge as you embark on this journey with experienced naturalists. Gain insight into various aspects of birds and their behaviours that prove to be a wholesome learning experience for all. Famous for its rich avifaunal diversity, the Anamalais is a part of the bio-diversity rich Western Ghats, which attracts birding enthusiasts from many places. The Great Pied Hornbill is the prominent one amongst the bountiful collection of birds that the place holds. Book your stay at one of the best resorts in Coimbatore and enjoy these amazing experiences.

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